We are “Special”

In the last post I mentioned the list of Spanish cities and what their inhabitants are called.  Some are obvious, many are not.  We live in the province of Cadiz and are known as Gaditanos, but not without reason.  The Romans called Cadiz, “Gades”.  Gaditanos is a hold-out of the original spelling.

Besides the official book listed names, there are also local labels for folk from this area. There are forums debating the origins of these names, but no definitive reasons.  However, the names have stuck.

People from Gibralter are known as  “Llanitos.”  Which means flat-landers.

Those from La Linea are known affectionately as “Piojosos”.  The flea-ridden ones.

And here in Algecrias, we are known as “Especiales.”  The Special Ones.  As in, when you put your fingers beside your ears to make quotation signs, roll your eyes and say, Ya, she is really “SPECIAL”.

Kind of fits, I think.



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