Ribbons and Bows and a Finger Up Your Nose

Damn, I just can’t keep up with the trends.  I always forget my bow.  Appropriate bow wearing should be simple for me.  As an accessory, bows provide so many options.

There is the “double matching” bow.

Or a simple felt bow.

Or, the “My Mom tortured me for half an hour with the curling iron so I’d do her proud in the playground” bow.

And the “Get this damn bow off my head” bow.

And one of my favorites, the “I already ripped off my matching bow and now I am sulking by the swings with my waist bow.” look.

And of course, “The parental-child matchy-matchy bow”.  Think I could talk Yago into this?

Maybe if it were pink and had a Hello Kitty on it.


  1. Did I spot some red shoe bows on one photo as well? I don’t think bows have hit Catalunya but will look out for them. Your blog inspired me to start collecting ‘my jeans tuck into my black boots’ photos. I am afraid my anglo saxon calves don’t want to play.

    Thanks for making me laugh


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