So, do you think these girls select their own outfits to run in the playground?

Or, do their parents give them fashion autonomy yet together they decide, “Today I really want to look exactly like you, and I’m in the mood for itchy woolen tights.”

Except one of these two is a rebel.  Is it the one who added the polka dot headband or the one who ripped it off?

I just don’t see these girls chosing that outfit.  Two preteen Spanish girls would never agree on orthopedic footwear.

When they get older and still dress the same, it starts to creep me out.  Like little white-haired old ladies who begin to resemble their poodles.

Right down to matching earrings and hair pins.  Creepy.

Although I am always a sucker for plaid flannel.



  1. EGADS!!
    Though like you a love the plaid flannel. Actually alot of the “individual” articles of clothing on these gals is really cute. (Always loved me a good pair of striped stockings) BUT all together, hhhmmm??

  2. We’ve occasionally dressed our girls the same way, but not most of the time, and usually in different colors. But most of the time I used to buy them different things, otherwise our poor youngest would have to wear the same clothes forever. Now they won’t let me choose anything anymore….but I’m the one with the wallet, so I still get veto rights. So, plaid is in this year? I haven’t seen that up here yet, so maybe it’s just down south.

  3. I’m loving your pictures, as always. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

    I am passing along the Stylish Blogger Award to you. You can read about it over at today’s post on my blog. 🙂

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