Take Down at the Playground

A sunny day in February does not inspire an hour-long car ride to play in a windowless room.  So Yago and I played hooky from playgroup today. We snuck off to relax in the sun at the playground.

We weren’t the only ones.

Our usual playground is next to a high school.  Our company consists of  teens smoking between classes or skipping out.  They always say hello to Yago.  Besides smoking hash cigarettes and spitting sunflower seeds it is hard to imagine them causing a police worthy public disturbance.

But, today was truancy crack-down day.

A police van pulled up on the pedestrian walkway.  Four officers piled out and sauntered over to the slide where Yago was playing.  I panicked.  Had the playgroup called the police to report our absence?

Turns out Yago wasn’t their target.  They were after the young couple making-out in the hide-out a foot over his head.

I couldn’t hear everything.  Plus, I was trying to discreetly document the event with the camera hidden under the diaper bag.  I don’t think photographing police business is encouraged.  Even at the playground.

Basically, the police just gave them a scare, with lots of nasty stares and gun handling.  Yago was enthralled with the whole event.

Then they walked the kids over to the van for further intimidation.   And probably to get out of ear shot of Yago and I .

Then they stood and admired the port for a few moments…..

….and they drove off to deal with other pressing issues.

Yago and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Whew.  No youth detention center or social service briefing for us today!  But we were feeling the heat.  We will be on-time with our homework done for playgroup next week.



  1. That’s what you get for skipping playgroup.

    What are the guys in the background in the last shot of Yago doing?

    Robyn Froese says she loves your blog.

  2. New to your blog but just couldn’t pass up the chance to comment on…
    1. Spaniards exercising – I’m still laughing about that one.
    2. The look on that young girl’s face – which will someday be my own as I learn of my own daughter’s truancy and sexcapades in the park. God help me.

    Thanks for the photos – priceless!

  3. No, I don’t think they would look too kindly on your photo shoot, but then again it’s only the local police. Had it been the Guardia Civil, now that would have been a different story. Of course they have bigger fish to fry than couples making out in the playground.

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