It has been mentioned that I don’t post many pictures of myself on this blog.

This is true.  I prefer to post pictures of Yago being cute and Rogelio being Spanish.  Although any moron can write a blog, media success generally revolves around money, good looks or intelligence.  You need something to exploit.

Obviously, if I had the intelligence, I would have overcome my short-comings in the looks department to solve the money issue.  Then I could spend my days at the spa and making my therapist rich instead of whining about how my ass must grow in proportion to my pregnant belly so I don’t fall over.

No big tits.  No  family inheritance.  NASA is not knocking down my door.  So what does that leave me to exploit?

My family!

I do worry about the digital legacy I am leaving Yago at such a tender age.  I have posted photos of his naked butt on the internet.  Shouldn’t there be a law?

Anyhoo, Yago has talked me into posting a self-portrait.  And, since I don’t stray far these days, I didn’t have much else to post.

“Mom, you don’t have to get out of your grungy PJ’s but let’s a least put some make-up on you.”

“Hey Mommy!  Who drew all over your face?”   Ba, ha ha ha ha ha!”

Revenge is sweet.


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