Turtle Trauma

We were pretty excited to be invited to a birthday party yesterday.  Because Spanish kids LOVE parties.  Noise.  Sugar.  NOISE.  Yahoo!

Two of Yago’s buddies turned two and had a joint birthday party at the indoor playground that we frequent.  A real social occasion with real people to talk to!  We arrived right on time in the only clothes that fit me our best clothes, ready to mingle.

It was perfect.  Lots of kids and parents to visit with.  All the birthday paraphernalia was in order: balloons, junk food, juice boxes and even New Year’s noise makers.   We were in Spain at a noisy birthday party.  It was a Spanish kid’s dream.

Until the dancing turtle arrived.

This was a climax of the whole event.  Togui the Turtle appeared to rev up the kids.  The crowd went wild.  Well, most of it.

The birthday boy, Linus, with the cool scarf, looks a little doubtful.  But he got into the spirit and started dancing with all the rest.  Look at all those kids having a great time.  Do you see Yago anywhere in this photo?

No Yago.  Now, he is a turtle lover from way back.  For awhile, every green animal (frog, crocodile, snake) was known as a turtle.  I have read Franklin the Turtle so many times it had to accidentally “get lost”.    But Yago was not a fan of this turtle.  While the rest of the kids danced to Spanish volume music, Yago and I retreated to the bar next door.  Over the thump of base you could hear him screaming, “No éste turtle! (Not this turtle) Go Away Turtle!  Go Away Turtle!


When the music was knocked back to international standards, we ventured back into the crowd.  I tried to convince Yago that the coast was clear but he attached himself to my leg and patrolled the place vigilantly.

And then my big, strong Canadian; noise-loving Spanish, turtle-terrorized boy slept through the rest of the party.

Ya.  We don’t get out very much.



  1. Rea, Linus did not like the Turtle at ALL and he was stuck to me like a monkey and would not put a foot on the floor before the turtle was gone 🙂 and he used to love turtles as well…but he still does, he just did not like Togui

    …..Vicky asked the guys a few times to put the volume down and they did it for a few seconds and put it up again 😦

    1. I love the look on Linus’ face when he sees the turtle coming. “Holy Crap, look at that turtle.” It was a great party! But it is impossible to convince Spanish folk to turn down the volume.

  2. Personally, I’m afraid I would have reacted JUST as Yago (and apparently Linus) did. LOL.
    Nice belly belly by the way, I’m with Heather.

  3. I love that the birthday party (turtle included) was just too much for Yago and he instead opted for the bar next door. Can’t blame a guy for needing a drink now can you?

    When are you due? Seeing your pregnant belly makes mine ache for another one.

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