Desperate For Dirt

“Yes sir, I like playing in the dirt.  A guy doesn’t ask for much.  Just a little earth to toss around.  A bit of fresh air in the lungs.”

“Even if I have to do it in a planter in the restaurant parking lot.  Yup, Mom is eating again.  These people never take me anywhere anymore.”

“Oh, woe is me.  No hiking and no camping because Mom is too fat.  I don’t get to wear leiderhosen and man-tights like the other kids.  And my Dad is allergic to cats so I can’t have a Hello Kitty play kitchen.   Just  me and a cigarette butt filled planter in front of an Equestrian store.  Being almost two sucks.”

I have to apologize, dear readers.  We aren’t getting out much these days.   Hence I don’t have a lot of interesting blog material.  Yago and I are both frustrated with our baby waiting state.   Unfortunately, I suspect it will get worse before it gets better.  I hope you hang in there with us.

Oddly, it also seems as though we haven’t had a good Spanish holiday in almost 6 weeks.  However, Carnival is just around the corner, as is Andalusia Day.  Hopefully we will dig up some cultural dirt for you soon.



  1. Best of luck to you all, as you await the new addition to the family!
    I’ve been enjoying your posts for some time now…living in Colorado, raising my eight-month old son to be bilingual…he’ll be the only kid in the state with a Castilian accent. I spent many formative years in Spain & at one point thought I’d be there forever…so I appreciate the vicarious slices of life provided by your blog & remember all the reasons why I loved (or was annoyed by) la vida española (especially those crazy obsessions with keeping your feet dry, etc.)

  2. Oh woe is Yago….poor little bumpkin, 2 is definitely tough!!
    I keep meaning to ask you though Rea, what does Yago think of the baby coming??? Is he excited?? or Indifferent??

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