I’m Stylin’!

It is Oscar week and I have been given an award.  In fact, as luck would have it, I was given the same award by three different people!  The Stylish Blogger Award.

What.  Haven’t you heard of it.  It is very prestigious.

I’d like to thank the academy, my lawyers and three killer bloggers WorkingTechMom, Author Piper Baynard and Rain In Spain.

I find it quite ironic since the award is called the “Stylish Blogger Award”  and I am constantly complaining about my lack of style.

Besides the huge cheque (not), but I wanted to flaunt that Canadian spelling) this award comes with obligations.

  • Share seven little known facts about myself.
  • Then award some other bloggers.

And since my blogging mission is to keep Spanish and Canadian stereotypes alive, here are seven things you might not know about a Canadian redneck me.

  • I have eaten hotdogs cooked on a car’s engine block during a road trip.
  • I have eaten a grouse that I deliberately killed by carefully driving over it until it was perfectly positioned under the truck, then honking the horn so that he flew up and knocked himself out.  Stupid animals.  But delicious roasted on a campfire.
  • In my pre-Mommy career I carried a shotgun to work.
  • I have owned both a house with wheels and a car without.
  • For many months, the only furniture in my house (with wheels) was a motorbike.
  • I can tan an animal hide.  Although I didn’t learn it from Aboriginal elders.  I looked it up on Google.
  • The two friends who possibly have photo evidence of all the above statements are currently on the lam in Mexico.  Shout out to Eric and Allison! (Hope I didn’t tip-off the authorities)

So, now it is my duty to bestow this honor on some other blogs, that I have discovered via comments they leave me.  Thanks for that!



  1. Uhm, best make that FOUR. As in four different people awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award. I’m just slow out of the gate and didn’t beat you to the post. No worries though, your deed is done. And no, I’m not going to delete your name from my list of honorees.

    You’ve got me scratching my head on the shotgun to work…RCM? You know…Mountie? I mean come on. If we’re gonna keep stereotypes alive and well, why not go full out?

    1. The only reason you weren’t first on my list of winners is tha I saw you were already named! Looking forward to learning something new about you. And no, not RCMP, I was a forestry girl. Problem bears, not problem people.

  2. I read the first line about “cooking with your car” and I instantly thought of when you told me about Eric “baking” you hotdogs on the engine block!

    You have also had a “pew” as a couch…..my addition.

  3. I want you beside me if I have to live off the land. I can’t cook well with a stove and a microwave and here you are cooking using a car for killing and grilling. Who knew? Oh yeah, your friends in Mexico.

    Good post. You fulfilled your obligations well. Don’t spend all that award money on shoes.

  4. The grouse trick is a good one, I remember the motorcycle too, also the hide tanning.
    Ahhh, time passes. That was a very good post, friend, you pop yet?

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