Pay back

Remember all my ha-ha-ing about how good the weather has been?  Remember last weekend’s photos?

Well, here was Algeciras today.

And here is the view from my balcony.  The school out front is a soggy island in a muddy lake.

And check out that white stuff.  It’s hail!

We had planned to plant the garden today!  Instead, the planters are filled with small white marbles.

After the rain stopped, my fearless assistant and I ventured out to investigate.  Within moments, Yago face-planted in a large puddle, filling his rubber boots and rain coat.  It wasn’t as pleasant as last weekend’s puddle play.  We cut our loses and returned home without photo evidence.  But I kid you not, we saw places where the hail had piled up to over half a meter high.

So, with that fabulous  weather excuse, I will now head back to the couch.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow! No hail here – can’t believe how localised it was. We did have pretty serious thunder and rain though.

  2. it was not that bad over here in Puente…it is like you live on a different end of Spain then we do :)…no hail 😦 not so much rain…I would have loved to show Linus some stuff that looks a bit like snow 🙂 and make my dogs freeze their paws 🙂

  3. Nice and warm here in Surrey BC today (10’C). Went out for a walk without the umbrella today! So, yeah, bad weather in Spain is news. The fact that it’s not *currently* raining here is news! Somehow, on the whole, I rather expect Spain has more of those awesome weather days! Though, it’s usually a lot easier as a kid to find a nice mud-puddle here, it sounds like!

  4. Yikes…THAT looks awful! That doesn’t happen often does it??
    Thats nuts! Like Flash flooding!
    Huh! Well, we still have snow on the ground but it is BEAUTIFUL! Sunny! I’d much prefer slow oncoming weather.
    Kind of like the woman who is in labour for days or the women who barely gets her pants off and there is the baby. (Hmmm strange I’d think of it like that.LOL)

  5. Just like Iowa. Sunny and 65 last week and freezing your balls off a mere 48 hours later. Mother Nature is not to be messed with. Hope it’s a sunny day that greets that gorgeous baby!

  6. Wow, I saw the news that you have had it pretty bad down there over the last few days ! Managed to have a picnic up here in Valencia over the weekend. Strange how diverse the weather can be in this country.

  7. Bloody hell Rea impressive stuff. San Margarita never made in onto the news 😦 No hail this end, although we where up in Jimena this weekend and felt the house shake with all the thunder and lightning.
    Anyway what the hell where you and Yago doing outside u crazy woman !

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