Damn, my ark is in the shop

I often complain about how we live on the eighth floor.

Yesterday, not so much complaining here.  This is a ten minute walk from my nice dry house.  If you are local, just behind El Corte Ingles.

And just to make sure Mother Nature provided something for everyone, we had a tornado too.

Never a dull moment, fun seekers.  This is the kind of show you want a balcony seat for.  The floor section was a bit damp.


  1. But do you have an elevator? My bf basically lives in a 5th floor apartment without one. There is an “entreplantas,” so you climb 1.5 sets of stairs, there’s the entreplantas, then climb another set and you’re at floor 1. He lives on floor 3. I was so grateful to move to a place with a damn elevator.

  2. But did you get the atico? Not much complaint room if you’re livin’ that close to heaven. Though a Spanish elevator in your condition…that might get you some sympathy votes. At least from my neck of the woods.

    I’ll cut you some slack for the tornado too. I’ve never heard of a tornado in Spain. Then again, I’ve never looked for one, so what do I know? And just how did the Spaniards react to THAT?

    Post away my dear, post away. It’s not like that baby’s comin’ out anytime soon 😉

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