Vintage Shopping – Algeciras style

Garage sales and second-hand stores are not common around here. That said, Algeciras has its own take on “vintage”.

There is one old guy that appears at the door now and then with a shopping bag of kitchen supplies that he obviously just nicked while his wife wasn’t looking. He wanders through the building trying to sell used dishcloths and sponges for whatever you’ll give him. A pack of cigarettes will do.

Various people pull up in front of the neighbourhood bar with a couple heads of lettuce or some wild asparagus to sell from the back of their scooter.  And there is one fellow that occasionally hangs packages of discount pantyhose from the sign post near our garage.  He’s only open in the early morning.  Going for the executive crowd I guess.

Then there are the more professional, transient vintage dealers that set up shop outside the fish market.

They sell, well, just about anything.  One old shoe.  Tools.   “Art”.  Treasures of all shapes and sizes.

This guy specializes in Camo.

This is your one-stop-shop for half-used nail polish, TV remotes and collector key chains.

And this fellow specializes in used clothes.  His own by the looks of it.  I must reccomend a merchandising consultant.



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