His name is Río and he dances on the sand.


Río José Santos Fraser. Born at 2:40pm March 14.  We haven’t weighed him yet but he’s a big hungry boy.  He latched on like a champ not 2 minutes out of the shute.

Whoever tells you that second labours are faster and easier lies!  It was a 18 hour odyssey but all four of us are now tucked into bed, no worse for wear.

Nobody pegged the date and gender so I guess I’ll send Rogelio on diaper duty.

I apologize that this blog will be a bit quiet while we get to know each other. But I leave you with some skinny ties, shoulder pads and hair gel, courtesy of Duran Duran.

Lots of love from the Santos Fraser family.



  1. Congratulations! I was wondering if that’s what all the blog silence was about. He is beautiful and so is his name. I think I will have that song stuck in my head all day now.

  2. ¡Enhorabuena! to daddy, Congratulations! to mommy, Welcome to being a big brother to Yago and Bienvenido to Río!

  3. Welcome to the world Rio bonito!! What a beautiful names for so many reasons…and I believe that you hit the nail on the head as they say. It’s got the Canadian (River) and the Spanish (Rio) and it fits perfect!
    I was hoping that’s what the no blogging was about. 🙂
    Many congrats! The labour might not be easier..but really I think #2’s are somehow easier..or we just are a bit smarter and more relaxed 🙂 The joys of 2 boys!! Woo hoo!!
    Sending much love, rest, happiness your way!!

  4. Rio, welcome into our amazing world. You have landed in a wonderful family…. Craig and I are thrilled with your news. Much love and cozy snuggles to you all. P and C
    PS as a second child myself I’d like to see lots of pics of this new babe … pressures on Rogelio!!

  5. OHHHHH Rea, how wonderful for you all. He looks like such a sweetie.
    Absolutely LOVE his name.
    I can’t think of a nicer addition to a nicer family.
    Love you guys and WELCOME to the World RIO!!!!!!

  6. Welcome aboard, Río! ¡Muchas felicidades Rea! (y a Rogelio y Yago, claro) Beautiful baby and name. With all this radiation and earthquakes situation, this really has made my day. I’m so happy for your family. Yago better take care of you three!

  7. Day 2 with baby Rio… did Rogelio take the photo? Will we be expecting another baby blog this time?

    Loved seeing him and Yago together today.

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