The miraculous beer gut

At a time when everyone is glued to the tube watching tragedy and chaos unfold, I’d like to remind you of something:

Life is amazing.

Here we are Sunday night, having a family beer gut comparison,

(Guess who won?)

And a just a few short hours later,

We have someone else who thinks it is funny too!

Thanks so much for your well wishes.  It’s great to hear from you.

We are all doing well,

settling in,

and enjoying the miracle.


  1. Absolutely Awesome! A very nice (and cute too) reminder.
    I have to say I think Yago should have won the best beer belly contest!! LOL
    I tell ya, I can just imagine in a decade or 2 Mr. Yago will look back at these pics, posts and comments and probably say “Thats my mom for ya!”

  2. Hi Rea!

    I just found your site and let me say… Congratulations! He is precious!

    I am an American living in Madrid! I am DEFINITELY NOT Spanish. #1 I can not eat dinner at 10:30 pm! The list could go on… 🙂

    Speaking of babies… my best friend in the states just asked me to be in the delivery room with she and her husband in about a month! I couldn’t be more honored and excited! I’m hoping it will settle some fears about children. I wrote about my thoughts… title “K vs Alien” … dramatic? yes. petrified? yes.

    Enjoy your little one… I look forward to reading more!

  3. Well well, miss Rea! Look at you and your beautiful family! What a heap of miracles – all of them – the fact that you are living in Spain – you are married – you’re a mom – you have two beautiful babies – two boys whose names end in O – just like me!! – not to mention being well endowed – miracles abound! I wish I was there with you now … I am in spirit. Much love and many blessings to your family! Tell Yago and Rio that Shandro and Matero are looking forward to meeting the other O-Boy family! Thanks for posting the pictures. Love you!

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