FIVE drinking establishments, ah ah ah

We call Yago “Count Dracula”.  The kid counts everything.  So to keep ourselves amused on the ten minute jaunt from home to our parking spot, we count parked cars or traffic signs.  Or whatever else grabs his attention.  Thanks to Yago and his counting I have opened my eyes to new aspects of the neighbourhood.  I decided to do a little counting myself.

This is what I pass between my house and my car.  It tells you a bit about business opportunities in Algeciras.

  • 5 bars
  • 3 bakeries
  • 2 driving schools
  • 2 English language academies
  • 1 permanent lottery booth, 1 mobile lottery salesman who never moves, and another who wanders my route yelling the same sales pitch, “Come on lady, just buy a lottery ticket”.

So how many lottery tickets does he sell with that jingle?

“Zero lottery tickets, ah ah ah.”

You know you are Mom of little ones when vintage sesame street seems like high culture.


  1. I remember when Cookie monster used to eat.. well… apples. I mean, what self-respecting “COOKIE” monster claims he “loves to eat apples”.. well, perhaps only when there are no cookies around!

  2. I have just been catching up on your blog now that I finally have time after my trip, and I realized I missed the big event. Congratulations! Río is adorable. I hope he’s behaving himself and actually letting you sleep a little.

  3. One comment for this post… two comments for this post… three comments for this post.. four comments for this post. Four! Four comments for this post, ah ah ah.

  4. Oh no, wait a minute… that can’t be four. We better count again!

    One comment… two comments… three comments… four comments… five comments. Five! Five comments under this post, ah ah ah!

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