Campo food

A discussion about the “campo” or country would not be complete without a mention of food.  Because going to the country for the day is just another excuse to eat.

If you are from Algeciras, there is typical campo food.  Proper campo food.  Of course you can see variations.  For example, I have seen families roasting whole lambs and pigs where we had our picnic Friday.  But if you want to stick to the tried and true, your picnic contains:

  • Ensaladilla rusa (Russian salad).  It has nothing to do with Russia as far as I know.  It is basically potato salad with tuna and olives.
  • Tortilla (Omlette).  A fried potato and egg concoction.  A yummy artery clogger.
  • Pimientos fritos, (Fried green peppers).  Always wrapped in tinfoil.  Not sure why.
  • And if you are really splashing out, filetes empanados, breaded and fried pork cutlets.

Wash it down with litre size bottles of Cruzcampo beer.  Then lay down for a siesta.

With that menu you can understand why people don’t move far from their car.

What do you eat in the country?



  1. Ah, now Russian salad. My area of expertise. It is, in fact, Russian, except the Russian’s call it ‘salad Olivie’. In the version we make it has nothing to do with olives, mind. And the meat is hot dogs usually. But, yes, basically a potato salad.

    Russians do a shaslick in the countryside. A barbecue but with more pork than the Brits, fewer hamburgers and less charcol but more wood. Brits usually give themselves food poisoning when attempting to join in as they have lost fire making/ cooking skills. Brits eat sandwiches in the country as they aren’t allowed to light fires.

    1. ha ha ha….. OK, I definately have to check THAT out with my Brit friends. I’ll give them three matches each and a lump of chorizo and see who gets food poisoning.

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