Just showing auntie the sights.

Auntie Gwen joined the whole family on the beach today.  She’s just coming out of a long, cold Canadian winter and she needs some sun.  She needs to see the ocean.  She needs to see a little European culture.

OMG, did she need to see this?

Auntie Gwen, cleaning her glasses: “Is it just my eyes, or did that fellow forget his bathing suit?”

Auntie Gwen, squinting into the sun:  “Oh dear.  Oh my.  Oh dear.  We don’t see much of that back home.”

A.G. unable to avert her eyes:  “Oh dear.  That can’t be comfortable.”

A.G., nervously addressing her European nephew: “So, Rogelio, what kind of bathing suit are you planning on bringing to Canada next summer?

Everyone together:  “NOOOoooooooo.  Don’t bend over!”


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