The Mini-Gourmet

Oh, woe is me.  I wanted to order a classic Rioja from the wine club this month but Mommy chose a Somontano.  Crianza at that.  That young swill will completely ruin my jamon and don’t get me started on pasteurized cheese.

Sigh. These Canadians.  So disappointing to my palette.

Think.  Think brain.  There must be a way to out-fox the Mommy on this one.  She’s all sleep deprived and hormonal.  Girlfriend can’t even discern a reputable vintage or bring home decent cheese.

If I had a dog I’d make him drink the wine.  I hear other kids hide their peas under their plates but I don’t think that will work with a 750 ml bottle.


“Hey Río.  Up for a grilled cheese sandwich?  You can wash it down with some grape juice!”



  1. lol! that was great. ahhh I feel your pain as I eye a bottle of Rioja trying to justifyat this time that it is happy hour somewhere in the world.

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