WWF newborn style

Yago: “I am such a good guy, just delicately holding my newborn baby brother….”

“...until I get bored and roll buddy off into the cushions.  BA ha ha!  Sucker!  Can’t even lift your bald little head.  Ha ha ha”

Río:  “That wasn’t very nice, but I’ll forgive you, knowing what kind of trauma you have endured, just due to the fact I was born… (damn, spoilt, selfish firstborn)”

…but just so you know I mean business, here’s a fist to the face and a squirt of poop in your general direction.”

“…and I’ll close with an open mouth, sour goober kiss.  Do not underestimate babies without hair or motor control.  We have ways of making you beg for mercy!”

“Your farts don’t scare me kid.  I’ll retaliate with a nose squish to the eyebrow and a shove back into the couch cushions….”

“Take that.”

“And that!”

Repeat for the next 18 years.



  1. I thought my firstborn was so fragile, but the fact that younger siblings survive at all is a testament to the resilience of human infants.

    The first photo is priceless.

  2. Thank you for the endorphins…nothing like a few good laughs to brighten up my afternoon after a challenging morning with my two-year old who won’t speak as much German as I want her to!

  3. Great photos! We have one a lot like the first one, with Catgirl holding SAM. Sometimes they love each other and other times they can’t stand each other…it’s been an interesting 14 years.

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