Sorry boys, it ain’t gonna happen in my house.

The abundance of matching outfits in Spain has always boggled me.  They aren’t just for twins, you know.

Would you buy identical outfits for kids of different ages?   Not me.  Too cutesy, too uniform-y, too “passive-agressive mother dictates family image for neighbour’s benefit”.  Worst of all, it spits in the eye of my favorite cheap skate phenomena;  hand-me-downs.

Identical mother-daughter outfits creep me out.  What’s better, a one-year old that dresses like a 40-year-old postpartum woman, or squeezing your breastfeeding boobs into a plus sized toddler outfit.  Neither scenario works for me.

But yesterday I saw something new.  Matching Father-Son outfits.

Pink and white stripes, beige dress shoes, with khaki pants or shorts and tights for the little tyke.  Far too much ironing for my taste.  But I hope the trend continues.

But what I would do to see a grown man in man-tights and pom-pom socks.



  1. Bahahaha…It is weird, but it oh so common. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. It’s weird when the age difference is quite large (say, 5 years or more).

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