I hope towel head isn’t a racial slur.

What do Spanish men wear with white sneakers and sport socks during Easter week?

Towels on their heads, of course.

And it isn’t a random sighting.  There are large groups of burly young men with white sneakers, black pants rolled to the knee, weight lifting belts and towels on their heads.

What in Jesus’s name are they doing?

Carrying Jesus of course.

There are about 40 guys (someone correct me if you know) under here carrying a gazillion kilos of gold, hardwood, candles and flowers.  Poor buggers can’t see a thing.  They hump that monstrosity of religious ostentation across town to celebrate easter.

Processions.  They fascinate me.  Klu Klux Klan outfits, swinging incense, women with lace table clothes on their heads, marching bands, and enough pomp and ceremony to satisfy god himself.

Stay tuned.  There is a lot to report this week and it ain’t about the easter bunny.



  1. The ‘burly man’ in the green shirt in the second pic is a woman, no? Hang on… he has hairy legs… but he has boobs?? Or is it just that his spare tyre hangs a bit higher than all the others?

  2. You wanna really make an impression? Try posting an audio recording of all that jingling that the itty bitty steps cause on the float. When I think of Semana Santa I always think of the tinkling sound that comes with the float shifting along with each (un?)certain footstep.

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