Purple Rain or Tears in Heaven. I can’t decide.

It’s wet in Seville this Semana Santa (Holy Week).  Between the rain and the tears, you best have your umbrella.

Easter processions in Seville are a serious tradition.  And Thursday night before Good Friday is the pinnacle.  Six different processions march through the city all night, accompanied by millions of the pious, drunk and curious.  It is a spectacle.

Many of the statues are old and priceless, so a little rain’s a deal breaker.  But in Seville they have always managed to duck out for at least a quick march between showers.  The last time the Thursday night processions were totally cancelled in Seville was during the civil war in 1932 and 1933.  The last time they were rained out was in 1847.

Until 2011.  Not a single of the six brotherhoods risked their fortunes to the heavens last night.

Disappointment is a HUGE understatement.

We had better luck in Algeciras.  Our neighbourhood brotherhood managed to get their virgin out for a little air.  They were an hour late and had to duck into another church around midnight to escape a shower, but at least my neighbours aren’t traumatized.


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