And in financial news, Bobby Pin shares are up this week…

OK, this has nothing to do with Spain, or Canada, or my life, of the meaning of life, but holy meatdress Mary. This is IMPORTANT.  As a blogger it is my moral responsibility to share crucial information with the universe.  I was obligated by my journalist duty to say,

Get a load of THIS.

At first glance I thought, how the hell did Lady Gaga score a seat right behind the Royal Family?

Then I thought, wow, the poor bugger craning his neck behind her.

But that isn’t Lady Gaga,  it is Princess Beatrice of York and her bat shit crazy headgear, sculpture, antenna, hat.

Besides the obvious WHY?, my questions on this subject are more technical.  How the hell did she strap that to her forehead?  What is it made of?  What type of neck training program does she follow to balance that monstrosity up there during all the choir tunes?

Today, poor Lady Gaga is smacking her head against the wall.    “I have been upstaged by the daughter of a Weight Watchers representative.”

I should have been aware of Beatrice’s potential to impress.  A quick trip to google revealed this installation piece, insect orgy, hat from her cousin, Pete Phillips’, wedding.

Plus, it’s obviously in her genes.

Some of the royals received unfortunate ears, others inherited a fancy for insects on their heads.

Oh I hope this leads to an official Bat Shit Crazy Hat Showdown.  A new reality series hosted by Simon Cowell.  Lady Gaga versus Beatrice.  My money is ALWAYS on the redhead.

Actually, I would love to have a beer and go bowling with Beatrice.   Maybe she’d take me home after to meet Sarah and Eugenie ,and we could have a slumber party, drink fuzzy navels, and paint our toenails wild colors.  They’d surely have diet popcorn.  Sarah would regal us with raunchy tales of what Andrew was like in the sack and Eugenie would remember that time Henry lit his farts on fire behind the polo stable.

Yes, they look like a bang-up good time.  And I need some of her chutzpah.  My status in the neighbourhood would soar if I added some hand-me-down Beatrice hats to my maternity sweatpants wardrobe. The only wedding I’ve attended with hats also featured a bride with Double F tits and a diamond encrusted in her front tooth.

Anyhoo, back to our regular programming…


  1. Apparently Sarah and the girls have been spotted down at the Floria chiringuito at Punta Chullera beach. It’s only 2 mins from where I live so if I see her I’ll be sure to get the lowdown on the hat fiasco. Personally, I say go for it B, Alexander McQueen would be proud – though not sure he would have been about Kate’s dress!

  2. It wasn’t just the hat, I felt, but the scary mascara that really made the outfit.

    I think someone put ‘Halloween fancy dress’ on her invite myself.

  3. What a strange fixation that young woman has for wearing her weird on her head. I saw another picture which photoshopped a cat crawling out of the circle in the hat with the caption that it was the Cat Portal which allowed royal cats to arrive for the wedding.

    I’m loving catching up on your blog, and I always enjoy your pictures. Thanks for sharing about your life there. And that two babies thing? It gets much easier after the first year. All the best.

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