A little dirt wouldn’t hurt.

When the city built a new concrete bunker recreation area in our neighbourhood, they skipped something I would consider necessary;  plants or trees.  Call me crazy, but I find a little greenery pleasant .  Shade also comes in handy in a place where you can fry an egg on your car half the year. Instead of shade, they installed an exercise park.  Concrete and metal.  On the plus side, maintenance is low.  On the negative, during the summer you get burned if you touch it between noon and 7 pm. Our Nana Gwen from Canada may be the only person to use these machines in their year-long existence.

Hold on, is that a rogue tuft of grass I see near Nana’s left elbow.  Is this considered extreme xeriscape, or did the landscape architect just have a sick sense of humor?

Each machine has brief instructions, if you don’t have a two-year old trainer at your disposal.

Here is Nana demonstrating fine form on the seated row machine.  The machines are painted green.  Green paint.  The new nature.

Look at Nana’s perfect posture.  Look at that smooth, clean concrete.  Look at that featureless, just kill me now landscape.

Nana is in fantastic shape, so she requires additional weight resistance.  Yago was happy to oblige.  Because there is nothing else to experience in this sensory void park.

We still aren’t sure how to use this wheel thing-a-ma-jig, but it’s fun to play with.

Land-ho is that a spindly tree in the distance?

The exercises can be adapted to accommodate different fitness levels.  That would be great if people of different fitness levels ever came here. I love exercise.  I could watch it all day, if only there was a shady place to sit.



  1. There must have been some sort of “european urban area planners meeting” at some point where the Spanish dudes met their UK counterparts – we see more and more of those exact same machines here in the UK.

    Isn’t that strange?

    Good thing: you rarely burn yourself on the machines here in t’North.

  2. One can’t help but wonder why they decided to trim out the fine dirt area with landscaping pavers. Have you seen any “KEEP OFF THE DIRT” signs posted?

    And Spaniards exercising. I’m still laughing about that one.

  3. Maybe it’s a new governmental program to promote imagination…you imagine your own trees, grass…even flowers if you want! Much cheaper than watering the real stuff! ;D

  4. I love how Nana and Yago are making the best of it while you sit there whining and complaining. Next time take some chalk with you, concrete makes for a great drawing surface 😛

  5. The word recreation conjours up the image of people having fun. The recreation park in your photo’s looks like something from a Prison yard.

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