Rock a bye-bye baby.

“Way to go team!  Great bike ride!”

“Holy bursting breast milk, Betty.  I have a funny feeling we have forgotten something.”

“Head count.  Two on the bike,  one taking photos.  Damn.  We’re short a small, gassy one.”

“Río?  Has anyone seen Río?  He can’t even roll over yet, never mind wander off.  I must have left him somewhere. ”

“There he is.   That blue bundle amongst the pine needles is our bundle of joy.”

“Doesn’t look like he missed us.  Apparently he was overcome with sleep while cheering on the bikers.”

Oh, what would my neighbours say if they knew that I wrapped our abandoned, mistreated, sleeping baby in a coat and left him on the forest floor while I wandered about with the camera.  Worse yet, the coat clashes with his PJs.

Shame, shame.



  1. Rio has it good. Look at those chubby little arms – an Ode to Relaxation. Wait til the third one comes along…they eat off the forest floor you know. And yes, my dear, there will be a third. Of that I’m (al)most sure.

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