Fihgt the Good Fithg

My neighbour brought over a present for Río yesterday.  A cute summer shirt with some English writing.

My guess is that it came from the “Mercadillo“, which is a weekly street market at the port.  It’s an entertaining assortment of  cheap clothes, fabric and knickknacks, some of dubious origin.

Two things make me think this shirt may have arrived on a container of illegal goods.

  • First, although the shirt has tags, they don’t say where it was made, something required by the European Union.

If you didn’t notice, the text says:

Austing Tehas Center.  Figth the firedevil.

  • Secondly, wherever it was made, they don’t have spell check.


  1. When I go to China I am surprised if any of the words are spelled correctly, my wife, Meiduan and her son often wear shirts that would drive and English teacher insane :))

  2. My husband’s volleyball team in France cheered “Top Fit” before every game because it sounded cool according to the French coach. Does that even make sense?

  3. LOL, I see your friends in Spain shop in the same store as my in-laws in El Salvador 😉

    We’ve gotten quite a few interesting T-shirts with “English” writing on them over the years.

    Don’t mess with TEHAS!

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