5 years ago today

It’s our 5th wedding anniversary today.  So cliché, but really, where did the time go?

Much has changed in those 5 years.  We used to have long conversations with great wine and quiet jazz.  We used to hike and camp and travel.  Now the only mountain we climb is the pile of cloth diapers in front of the washing machine.

But we’re having fun.  Just a different kind of fun.

He’s a character, my husband.  When he makes yerba mate he likes the water at 80 degrees.  He measures it with a digital thermometer.

He wears gloves in the house, loves pancakes, and makes me fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning.  Most importantly, he puts up with me.

Whenever I ask, “But what do you want to do?” the answer is always the same.  “Just be with you guys.”  And he says “You guys.”  The Canadian translation of Vosotros.

Yes, I think we’ll keep him.

Happy Anniversary Moni.



  1. Congratulations to both of you. Someday I look forward to meeting Rogelio – it looks like you two suit each other perfectly. I’m sure you’ll be back to red wine and quiet jazz.. maybe by your 15th anniversary?

  2. Felicidades!!!!!!! Que os quedan muuuuuuuuuuchos años juntos. Siempre sereis un ejemplo para nosotros 🙂

  3. I wish my husband liked pancakes. I consider it a huge character flaw that he doesn’t like them, but what can I do about now, lol.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  4. I’m trying desperately to get past the CLOTH diapers to extend my heartfelt FELICIDADES~may you have a laundry free weekend.

    My God, you ARE my hero.

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