Eating my words

Oh yes, chewing hard and picking my teeth.  Do you remember me chuckling about matching clothes, here, here and here?  I was a smug one.  So I bet you never thought you would see this:

Excuses abound.  The only clean items within a mountain of laundry.   They were hand me downs.  I think they are officially girls pyjamas.  That doesn’t count.  Does it?

Gotta say it.  Awwww, CUTE!

“So Río, now that the official cutsie photo is complete, we can analyze this matching trend objectively.  Will coordinating shorts improve our sibling relationship?  Will simultaneously wearing girlie pajamas invite camaraderie or launch life long confusion over our individual and sexual identities?   And most importantly, should a fellow of your generous girth be wearing horizontal stripes?”

“Deep questions bro.  Fascinating, really.  To clarify the fashion issues, pulling my shorts up to armpit level distracts the eye from my man boobs.  And the Sumo-beach look was all the rage in Milan last season.  But I can’t help you with philosophical points at the moment.  Just balancing my cerebral mass so I don’t fall over requires all my concentration.”

“Well, regardless of whether we look like a hockey team or sun seeking sumo wrestlers, shorts do make it easier to play with the equipment, if you know what I mean.”

“HA, ha ha ha.. I’m with you, bro.  Always best to fluff up the old hockey stick , so to speak.” 

Now, where can I find a pair of girls, hand-me-down, striped shorts that will fit Rogelio?



  1. Thank You, I needed a laugh and you gave me a good one. Those boys are your comic muse, although you are funny without them too!

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