Pee diddle diddle, the rappers off to fiddle

La Mommy caved into Spanish ways.  Girlfriend styled me in the  same shorts as my sumo-baby brother.  Word.

This homeboy gotta establish some cred with the brothers.  Yo.  Yo.  Gotta put my game face on.  Yo.  Gotta put my shorts on my head.

I think I’ll change my name to Pee-Diddler.

Puff Daddy/Puffy/P-Diddy/-Swag , or whatever his name is this week, got nothing on “El Little Diddler”.




  1. Boy, do I remember that two-yr-old anthem. Just wait until he can scream, “Ow, you’re breaking my arm,” when you’re barely touching him. Or maybe it’s only daughters who do that. Thanks for the smile. 🙂

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