Ugly, and I’m not talking shoes.

Here’s what happened at the Barcelona protest today.  Riot police clubbing unarmed, seated protesters.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.



  1. That is terrible! I hope that the pictures everyone is getting are enough to identify the officers involved. From the G8/20 held in Ontario, there were a number of cases of police brutality, but the challenge was always identifying which officer is involved. They really need to do like customs and immigration and put numbers on each officer. This would make them accountable for their actions and if a crime is committed (such as brutality), then they could identify them.

    You’ve gotta wonder what’s going through the officer’s mind as they are swinging the clubs at the people seated in front of them.

  2. Sorry but just to be a bit controversial here… I get it. The officers didn’t just decide to attack all of the sudden. Those people were told to leave. Before police start hitting all the people are warned by the significant amount of police cars and anti-riot vans showing up not to mention loud announcements being made over speakers. At some point the streets need to be cleared. One thing I think people don’t realize is those large demonstrations also attract a lot of crime: robberies, vandalism, and drug trafficking. Eventually the streets need to be clear in order to restore order. I think the protesters are brave for standing up for what they believe in, but those police have orders as well.

    1. Thr problem being that the police were told to remove protesters so that the square would be free for thousands of football fans. Are they less dangerous?

      1. Football fans are definitely dangerous as they proved that night. The problem is football fans are usually only there for a night. The protesters seemed to have an indefinite amount of time they wanted to stay in the plaza. I think they wanted to remove the protesters, not to make room for football fans, but to reduce the overall amount of people and danger in the streets.

  3. wow, you can see the officers wrists just twitchin looking for an good excuse to go at it.
    boo hiss.
    it does resemble the g conferences that where going on here.

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