Breakfast of champion backhoe drivers

Remember our favorite cat habitat?

OK, it may be just an empty lot behind the cemetery, but it’s our wilderness. This is where we experience our big outdoor adventures.  We throw sticks and smell flowers.  We watch bugs and hunt semi-domesticated cats wild animals.

The city is doing some work there.  We are having trouble seeing this as an improvement.

Except for the addition of heavy equipment, which is always a crowd pleaser.

No grass, so no bugs.  No shade, and hence, no cats.  On the upside, we did enjoy watching the backhoe operator crack a beer at 10 am.  He downed it in one swig, opened the machine door and chucked the bottle out on the ground.

And that folks, was today’s outdoor education.


  1. ….I bet Yago loved the digger though!!!! The building workers doing our staircases rolled a joint at 10 in the morning just before having their first break, after arriving at 9:50….viva espania…not

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