We Canucks are getting good press in Spain today.  Canadian poet and singer-song writer, Leonard Cohen, has won the Principe de Asturias award for literature.  That’s like the Spanish version of the Governor General’s award.

Cohen is much revered here.  His famous song “Take This Waltz” is actually an English translation of the poem “Pequeño Vals Vienés” by Spain’s Federico Garcia Lorca.  Cohen sites Lorca as his idol and inspiration.  In fact, Cohen’s daughter is named Lorca, after the Spanish poet.

The official music video for “Take This Waltz” was filmed in Granada, Spain, with the view of the Alhambra in the background. Which is the only interesting thing about it.  As far as videos go it’s as exciting as watching paint dry.  Not even a token booty shake for MTV.

But his music doesn’t need smoke and mirror balls.   It even shines through that ratty voice of his.  He’s so iconically Canadian that KD Lang singing Cohen’s Hallelujah was a highlight of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic opening ceremony.

But since you can’t see official Olympic videos without paying, I’ll leave you with a version from the Juno awards.  I guess the Junos don’t need the money as bad the Vancouver Olympic committee or I do.

KD’s got some pipes.  No shoes and a house kimono, but girlfriend can sing.

So here’s to Leonard Cohen and good Spanish/Canadian relations.


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