Martha Stewart would roll over in her jail cell.

We are always toying with the idea of moving.  Nothing like two bouncing baby boys to drive you out of an apartment in search of a yard and garden.

I’d like to say that the house below is an anomaly, but sadly, this is typical suburban Algeciras.

Luckily, I can’t take credit for these photos, they are from the real estate website.  Blurry is good in this case.  Might save your eyesight.

That is “the garden.”  All the places in our price range have cemented and walled in their yard.  Takes the phrase “low maintenance garden” to new levels.

Maybe I could get past the bunker garden if the house was lovely and bright.

Yup, that’s bright.

That too.

OK, maybe I could overlook the bunker and the psychedelic color scheme  if it was spacious.  Really what I am looking for is room for the boys to play.  A great bedroom would make up for it.

OK.  So our options are tiny, rainbow painted eyesores with gardens resembling  Mexican jailyards.  But the most important room for me is the kitchen.   All I need is a decent kitchen:  ample counter tops, plenty of storage, modern appliances,

with glossy, hot pink cupboards and a lime green back-splash.



      1. Good grief! It just makes me keep thinking about your post on the Spanish Economy explained. “Real Estate NEVER depreciates.”


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