Constable Fraser: RCMP man doll

Having a pack rat for a mother-in-law has its benefits.

Most of Yago’s toys are Rogelio’s treasures from 40 years old.  Rotting boxes from the depths of her garage yield new play things for Yago and old memories for Rogelio.

You should have seen the reaction when Abuela unearthed this:

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police man-doll!  He has snowshoes, a radio, rifle, and is accompanied by his faithful German Shepard.

Apparently, RCMP-man was Rogelio’s favorite playmate before he moved onto the Sinclair Spectrum 48 computer.  It’s been quite a reunion for them.  Yago didn’t give RCMP-man a second look,  but Rogelio has been playing with him non-stop for two days.  Rogelio and the RCMP go way back.

Then he married a Canadian.  Named Fraser.  Hmmmm.

I think Rogelio watched a little too much Benton Fraser on Due South back in the day.



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