Playoff beard for dummies

Sorry, but I have to talk hockey for a few minutes.  It’s a Canadian thing.

Oh, you gosh-darnVancouver Canucks.  From mumblings of a series sweep to being out scored 12-1 in the last two games.  The bandwagon was standing room only last week.  Today it feels a little tippy.  What is a fan to do?

“Hon, are you getting the good side of my playoff beard?”

“Or perhaps this angle gives better light.”

Please Papi, you don’t even know what that means.  You just have facial hair removal avoidance syndrome.  Look!  A bandwagon bus!”

“Sshhh, son.  I’m concentrating.  To impress your mother I must perfect my pensive, hairy Vancouver fan imitation.  I don’t see the hair-hockey connection.  Keeps the poor buggers warm I guess.

If you haven’t heard of “play-off beard” allow me to enlighten you.   Play-off beard actually has its own Wikipedia entry if you doubted the importance of this phenomena.

Basically, out of superstition, hockey players and fans forego shaving for the playoff season.  Since playoff season is like a zillion months long, the facial hair can get pretty wild.

Thank goodness, because seven game series leave journalists looking for filler.

Hence, many important articles and discussions: History of the play-off beard.  Who has the best playoff beard.   Photo essays of players sporting unusual beards.  From adolescent rookies who can’t muster up enough peach fuzz to cover their chin, to the greying veterans who could be growing wild mushrooms somewhere in there.

My favorite solution to the peach fuzz problem is to grow a playoff mullet.

As they say, “Business in the front, party in the back”.

Or for the real band wagon hardcore, there is the playoff full body beard.

Oh my. I wonder what this guy’s wife blogs about?


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