Virgin malfunction.

It’s Rocío again.  That’s how Andalusian Catholics celebrate Whit Sunday.

As far as virgins go, Rocío’s a big gun.  I could describe the whole history and religious significance but nobody here really cares about that hooey.  It’s a big boozy, religious, whatever you would call this:   (Sorry for the length.   The first 2 minutes will give you the idea.)

There are a million-odd folks there, all of them trying to squeeze into that little chapel.  My neighbours are among them so I’ll get a first hand account tomorrow in the elevator.

Chances are they’ll come home disappointed.  The procession was suspended at 8:15 am due to a virgin malfunction.

Rocío still had 75 brotherhoods to visit when they patched’er up with a sweaty hanky.  The officials decided to retire the old girl for the year.  Drive her into the shop church for a tune-up.

I feel beat up just watching the video.


One comment

  1. I’m truly confused…why are they all rushing towards the statue?? It’s pure chaos!! Love the fighting in a chapel lol! Oh my..and they think Granville during Stanley Cup is busy!

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