Climate is soupy, blog is droopy, diapers are poopy

It’s hot.  This climate calls for cool.  And although man can live on beer alone, for the sake of variety, I enjoy the traditional cold soups.  I won’t bore you with my favorite cold soup recipe because I did that  last year.

But here’s a quick recap.  Salmorejo is all about tomatoes.  Well-travelled pulpy jobs will only disappoint.  Gotta be local and vine ripened.  You need an obscene amount of olive oil.  Some old bread.   A clove of garlic can’t hurt.  Vinegar, salt and a blender.

But you take simple salmorejo to new heights like this.

Spread it on toast.  Add some good jamon.

Voila!  Breakfast of Champions or a tapa.  Depends when you wake up.

Or, you can high-grade the jamon and give the toast to Mommy.


Sorry for the slow blogging lately.  I’ve got every excuse in the book: Death in the family, sick kids, end of school rush for Pappi and out-of-town guests.   All true, but we’ll be back in business soon.

Hope your summer is shaping up, and thanks for taking time out of your own busy day to check-in with us.


One comment

  1. We eat ours (salmorejo) with a spoon. Yeah, we’re pigs about it. It’s a family favorite and there’s NEVER any leftovers. We usually have it as a side to our tortilla espanola. Mmmmmmm…

    One more week and we’re packed up, ready to go. Can’t wait for our (future) coffee date!

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