Kate Does Canada

It’s Canada Day.  July 1st marks the beginning of our short summer holiday season in Canada.  It’s all about outdoor folly.  BBQs and beer, lakes, and backyards.  Apparently today has something to do with the Constitution, yada yada yada, but hell YA it’s a long weekend!

Even Will and Kate couldn’t resist the party.

The new Royal Celebs chose Canada for their first official tour of duty.

Details for the Royal watchers:

  • Today also would have been Diana’s 50th birthday
  • Apparently, Will is looking a little sunburnt
  • Kate is sporting a Maple Leaf themed fascinator

(I love this term fascinator.   Apparently, those eyesores, nursery school art projects, creative head pieces worn by the Royals and their peeps are called fascinators.  I’m glad someone came up with worthy terminology.  Because they ain’t hats.  Isn’t that just fascinating?)

So Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends.

And if you lose your cowboy hat while tubing down some ball- freezer of a river, or singe the brim of your ball cap while throwing gasoline on a damp campfire, don’t despair.  Grab some wet leaves, slap them on your head and call it a fascinator.  Soon enough you’ll be wearing a toque again anyhow.


One comment

  1. Hahahahhaa….I’m still wearing a toque. Its freakin’ cold here!!! Overcast, then the wind gusts up…its NUTS!!! I do like your idea of grabbing some maple leaves and I’ll stick them on my toque and wish everyone a HAPPY HAPPY CANADA DAY! even the Royals.

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