Don Juan sinks low to take this round

“Hi Yago.  Wow, is that a Mercedes you are driving?  Cool ride.”

“What, this old thing? I pinched it off Linus when he wasn’t looking.”

“Linus has good taste. Is that a leather interior?”

“You aren’t lured by the promise of material wealth, are you Lucy?  Because on a poet’s salary I may not be able to provide you with a society woman’s life.  Either a poet or a communist dictator’s salary.  I haven’t decided yet.” 

“Unfortunately, Yago,  there isn’t much demand for dictators these days. Perhaps you should consider politics or reality TV if you want a lucrative profession with a captive audience.  Although I agree, power is sexy.

“I always thought you appreciated me for my intelligent conversation and gentlemanly charms….”

“…. But if it’s horsepower that you’re after, EAT MY DUST, SISTER!”

“Now, who’s your Daddy?”


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