Locked in the trunk of a car in Tragically Hip Tarifa.

I’m a bad blogger.  I’ve been slacking.  Actually, it’s been a sick baby and travel preparations consuming my computer time.  We are making the epic journey to Canada next week and there are a million things I must do.

Like spend the weekend at the beach.

Everyone else felt the same.  This was the crowd around 2:00pm.  But when we got there are 10:00 we were the only ones in the parking lot.  Well, the only ones who arrived in the morning.  There was still a minor dance party left over from the night before.

It was already hot by the time we had our camp set up.   Rogelio glanced over at the parking lot and said, “Why are there men with axes circling our car?”

I thought that was a good question too.  Then we noticed the fire truck and two police cars.

Turns out that the car beside us was home to passed-out guy.  The story goes that he woke to find himself locked in a strange car, in an undetermined location and unable to get out.  Luckily he had more cell coverage than brain cells.  He called the police who located him and bashed in the windshield before he roasted to death.

Don’t ask me why he couldn’t just open the door.  It was Rogelio who ran over to see why axes were swinging near our windshield.

“What!  Firemen, drunk guys and kiddie locks on all 4 doors!  And you didn’t take pictures for your wife?”  Sheeesh! 

Next time we have that much excitement in a parking lot I’ll go get the story.  He can hold down the fort.

I mean, what could go wrong?  He has everything under control here.


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