Breakfast of Champions.

“What is this,  Papi?”

“I don’t understand all the details, but from what I gather, this is a Canadian breakfast, son.  A fried egg, sausages and toast.  Eat up, we’re off to Canada and you’ll need a little fat to keep you warm.”

“Wouldn’t it just be easier to wear a toque?  Not to mention healthier?”

“Couldn’t tell you.  But Canadians eat this stuff , they must have a reason.  So for your Mother’s sake, eat your processed meat products.”

“Hhmmm. So, should I mention Mom is eating croissants and melon in the living room or just register myself for a CPR class?”

“Well, that can’t be good for a fellow on a daily basis, but I have to admit, those greasy little sausages slide down pretty well.  Canada, here I come!”

Hey dear readers.  We are off to Canada in the morning.  It’s been a busy prep time, and we’ll be out of action for a few days on arrival.   I’m afraid the posts will a bit scarce for a while.  But please check in, now and then, for some tales from the great white north.

Three Spanish men on the loose in British Columbia.  There will be stories.

I hope your summer is shaping up to hold just the right mix of excitement and relaxation.  Thanks for reading.




  1. Have a beautiful summer in Canada!!! Enjoy family and friends… We will be here in the area praying to arrive September and our beaches back. Besitos!!

  2. That actually looks pretty good! I haven’t had a breakfast like that in ages. So, you’re taking the Spaniards off to Canada, that should be interesting. I’m sure there will be some interesting tales to tell. Have a great time!

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