On the road again

“I’m pretty happy to finally be in Canada.”

The trip wasn’t so bad.  At least for me.  But Yago tripped the security bell in London.  They patted him down, took his shoes and bro’  flipped.  Mom stepped back and let the security guard take the wrath.   I’m sure he’s brushing up his CV as we speak. 

“Papi’s out of underwear and Yago had to borrow a pink raincoat .  The Packing Nazi Mommy only let us bring a three-day rotation of clothes.  Because of the two car seats she says.  No idea why she bothered bringing those boat anchors.  I scream every time she straps me in.”

“Mommy is looking a bit rough this week.  But at least she remembered the passports this year. “



  1. Gratz on clearing the international security system! It sounds like quite the ordeal, but at least the passports were there to back you up. 🙂

    Welcome home, eh!

  2. It must be wonderful to be home! We are home is Australia too at the moment – just me and the little mister – waiting for our visa’s. No exciting security stories for us – touch wood! Have a blast in Canada!

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