Canada: Where you can gain 3 kilos before 9 am.

The Spanish wake up at noon, then have a coffee and a cigarette.

Canadians wake at some ungodly hour, then briskly charge off into the fresh morning air so they can wolf down this:

Eggs Benedict, pancakes, french toast, sausages, hash browns, fruit salad, etc.  Then we go back for seconds!

So there we were.  8:30 am and already out in the cool country air, saddled up to the breakfast buffet.

Now, my Spanish husband isn’t much for ungodly morning hours.  He is even less for cool country air.  But the guy quickly jumped on board the breakfast bandwagon.

And when it comes to sausages and pancakes, my Yago is all Canadian.

That’s my boy, grossing us out with his processed meat tucking into a good-sized plate.

We go to Friesens every year.  The breakfast buffet is outdoors, with beautiful gardens, cats, and a huge garden to explore.  So after stuffing ourselves, we laze in the sun, digest and visit.

The adults can even relax with a coffee for a few moments since it’s a great place for boys to enjoy good clean fun.

Hey, Did you guys hear the one about the two Spanish-Canadian guys who walk into a bar?”

When you go to Friesen’s for the breakfast buffet, be sure to set your alarm, wear an elastic waistband, and take your favorite people with you.



  1. I’d be there right beside Yago! I think I love the Friesen’s, all my favorite things wrapped up in one…breakfast, gardens, cats, its all good!! Love the pic of the boys and Rio in the Bugaboo (or whatever they call those). And the last pic, I love your dress, VERY good choice I’d say!

  2. “The Spanish wake up at noon, then have a coffee and a cigarette.”

    Not all of us do. This morning I was up at 7 AM and I don’t smoke. When I am in Spain my friends and I are often in the ocean by 6 AM. even when we have been hiking all night.

    We are the clandestine Spaniards. We are seen and greeted by everyone in town but we often don’t stay long at the party. The smoke bugs us. We are always doing something but nobody knows what. That’s OK, We know.

    Just so you know. If my guys and i show up there the bacon might be gone before you get any. We would always make sure the little ones got some before we finished it off. Eat fast if this particular band of Spaniards should come around.

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