Sarcastic Canadian blogger: “Honey, What on earth are you photographing?”

Observant Spanish tourist:  “Someone for your blog.  Just look at that guy.  He’s hilarious!” 

Self-righteous home girl:  “Looks perfectly normal to me.  In fact, he looks exactly like my Dad, or my uncle, or any other retired, middle class Canadian man.”

Frequently exploited Spanish husband:  “Exactly!  Look at that plaid shirt.  BA HA ha ha….”

Indignant wife: “I love plaid”

Hubby:  “Where are my shades?  The glare off those white runners is blinding me. HE he he he…”  

 “Maybe he has orthopaedic issues.  And he looks like a very nice man.”  

“He’s dressed to sprint back to the tractor to get his baseball glove.  Don’t Canadians know that sports wear does not mean the actual team uniform?”

“How can you be so mean?”

“Who, Me?  Mean?  You are the one who stalks the neighbours to photograph their high-heeled boots.  By the way, didn’t you just buy yourself a pair?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”


One comment

  1. Where is the photo of these Spanish boots? Also what about the impractical high heeled shoes you didn’t buy? Or how about the mu-mu you almost bought?

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