The wilds of suburban Canada

“Hey, something is attracting a crowd over at the neighbour’s place.  Let’s check it out.”

What is everyone looking at?  I just see a black ball over in the entrance.”

“Holy prickle, Peter.  That black ball has eyes.  And he doesn’t look too cuddly.”

“I guess he isn’t in the mood for company.”

One of the things that surprises Rogelio about Canada is the wildlife.  Especially since you don’t have to go to the wilds to see wildlife.  This poor porcupine somehow wandered up to the neighbour’s front door and was waiting for them when they returned home.  He was obviously freaked to see us gawking at him, so he tucked his head in and stuck his butt out.  Pretty good defense system.  I wasn’t about to try to convince him to leave.  In the end the neighbours had to call the conservation officer to lead the poor guy back home.


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