Profile of a Canadian Red-neck

“Hey Rea, you should profile me for your blog.  I’m like the total perfect red-neck.” 

So, meet Roger.  Yes, he is from Prince George, my hometown.  Yes, he describes himself as a red-neck.  He does meet several of the criteria.  Hard-earned beer gut.  Easy going attitude.  And he literally has a red neck.  But, he is a professional photographer and a stay at home Dad, not exactly the career path of your typical redneck.  And he makes a MEAN hamburger.  Rogelio is still talking about his hamburgers.

Here are snippets of conversation with Roger:

So, what do you guys eat over there in Spain that’s different from here?”

“Well, we eat a lot of legumes.”

“What the hell are legumes?”

“Like garbanzo beans, for example.”

“Never heard of them.”

“Have you ever eaten humus?”

“Ya, I love that stuff.  So, you guys, like, spread humus on everything?”


“Hey, Rolio.  I mean, hey Rogoogio.  Dude!  Whatever your name is.  Have you ever drank Fireball Rum?


Do you guys drink a lot of wine over there?  Here, try my Dad’s blueberry wine.  It’s called wine, but it tastes more like a cooler.  I prefer rye and coke myself.  That’s what we do up north.  Just open a bottle of rye and drink it.  That’s how we have fun.”


“Do you guys have any toys?  

“Kid toys?”

“I’ve got all the toys.  I’ve got a  boat, a trailer, a motorbike, a snowmobile.  Don’t you have any toys?”

“I don’t even have a closet.”

Man, that sucks”


So thanks Roger, for being a model redneck, for the fantastic hamburgers, and for not laughing at my photography.


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