We’re back!

Like mold on coastal condos, you just can’t keep us Not So Spanish folk down.

We’re back from Canada.  We’re licking our wounds, but we’re blogging.

The trip itself is a real kick in the nuts.   A 10 hour flight from Vancouver to London.  A 5 hour lay-over in Gatwick airport.  Then a 2.5 hour hop down to Gibraltar.  Then a week of  “What the heck are we all doing awake at 3:00am?”

But my boys are seasoned, superstar travellers.  There were even some good parts.  Peeing in the funny bathroom on the plane was a novelty.  Pressing the call button to see the flight attendant come running was entertaining.  Moving the window blind up and down kept us amused for hours.

But the highlight was Gatwick airport.  It seems that entertainment at Gatwick is designed with the big boys in mind.

G-strings and feathers make for happy passengers?  Improve airport security?  Dust the hard-to-reach upper corners?  I guess you don’t have to worry about her hiding a bomb in that costume.

In Gatwick I finally found a good reason to drag these stupid boat anchors car seats across the planet.

It was four in the morning for our bodies, Yago had slept for all of an hour on the plane, and he was still jumping with joy to see a forklift.

Although it was sad to leave Canada behind for another year, it’s always nice to be home.  September first wipes the slate clean.  We are all refreshed and gung-ho after the holidays.  New back-packs and sharp pencils.  No school for me but I have a few projects.   Sleeping through the night for example.

I also hope to spiffy up this blog this year.  Any comments, suggestions, ideas, please please please leave a comment.  I love to hear from you.

So, happy September everyone.  I’ve missed you.  Here’s to a great school year.  May your G-string ride high and your feather headdress clear the security gate.



  1. Welcome back! It’s nice to have you around blogland again.

    P.S. You think the flight to Canada is bad – try 7 hours Madrid to Dubai, 2 hours in the airport (no g-strings to be seen!), then 14 hours to Melbourne … with a 4 year old … madness!

  2. We just got back, too. The jet lag is always so much worse in this direction! Though our flight was much shorter (and much less entertaining, I see…)

  3. Welcome home!! I’m happy to have you around again. I will visit you as soon as I can. I’m moving to Facinas, close to my mother… Take your time to arrive and see you soon!!
    I want to see my dear friend Yago!!

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