Algeciras: Where water wings and bikinis are your Sunday best

Blogging about Spanish culture means blogging about virgins.  Besides being a car-wreck level of fascinating, virgins are also good for my statistics.  Lots of random hits from internet perverts.

Algeciras is home to its own local celebrity virgin.  She goes by the name Palma around here.   Algeciras has always had a unique connection with the sea, so it is no surprise that Palma is a water-loving girl herself.  In fact, she is the only virgin I know of that lives underwater.

Photo curtesy of Photaki.  But you probably guessed that.

Every August 15th, the divers and fishermen of Algeciras bring Palma out of her underwater home and parade her about town.

This is how Algeciras folk honor their home girl.  Skip ahead to the 3:30 mark to check out the crowd scene.

It’s a wetter, more naked version of Rocio, but with polka-dotted water wings.


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