Oh, the water.

“Wow, son.  Isn’t this great!  Clean, refreshing, Canadian lake water.  Ah yes.  Breathe that crisp air into your lungs.  Isn’t this fun!”

“It’s c-c-c-c-cCOLD!”

“Buck up, son.  It’s good for the circulation.  Ahhhhh.  Isn’t this a wonderful moment?  Here we are, together, sharing a beautiful Canadian experience.  Now, look at me adoringly, we’ll take a photo, get some ice cream and call the whole trip a roaring success.”  

“Ice cream?  How about some hot chocolate.  I’m freezing!  Where’s Papi?”

Never mind Papi.  He’s looking for his wool socks.  We are creating memories!”

So let’s just dip you in a little more.  Enjoy the full experience, son.  Let’s call this your Canadian baptism!”

“How about we call social services!  Or, call the ice breaker!  Just get me out of this lake!

Hey, there’s a ladder!  That’s better.  I’ll just climb my way out of this icy pool.”

“That’s not a ladder, son.  Those are my belly folds!”


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