Here kitty kitty kitty.

Check out this Canadian garage.

A monument to North American consumerism and a sports enthusiast’s wet dream.

This was just the cultural experience I had been hoping to expose my family too.  We don’t see stuff like this in Algeciras.

Yago is looking on with awe.  What a treasure trove.  No cars, of course.  But multitudes of bikes, tools, and sporting goods of all shapes and sizes.  It is like your favorite sports store after a minor hurricane blew through.

Yago and Rogelio’s eyes were bulging.  What to touch first?   The pink girl’s bike with basket?  The slick little trick bike?  The high-tech chariot baby carrier?

Or, what about this little number hiding in the corner….

A kid sized snowmobile!

Of course, Rogelio had never seen one of these.  Roger even dragged it out of the garage so the boys could examine its significance.

Every northern kids dream, a Polaris kitty cat snow machine.


A great excuse to sit on the machine family photo-op,

…. since I never had one as a kid.

I’m still getting over it.



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