Closing Time

“What are you doing, Uncle Jamie?”

“Drinking beer with your Dad, kid.  Gotta help your old man loosen up a bit.  He’s starting to get into this Canadian thing.   Check out the ball cap.”

“Yes, quite provincial.”

“The province of BC.  Beautiful British Columbia!  Exactly kid.” 

“I noticed Papi even took his socks off.”

“Yup.  The beer is working its magic.”

“Si señor, Barnacle Bill.  This beer down goes well on a fine afternoon.  Must to be that sea air working up my thirsty.”

“Well, as your father-in-law, Rogelio, it’s my resposibility to show you the best our country has to offer.  And to provide you with the obligatory warm beer can and publicity ball cap.  Gee, with a drink in your hand and no socks you almost fit in around here.  Well, as long as you don’t say too much.”

“Hmmmm.  I don’t know about this Canadian crew Papi’s got himself mixed up with.  He smells like donuts and he’s starting to say ‘Eh’ at the end of his sentences.  If he mentions a hunting license or buying a 4×4 I’m calling Mom.”

“I think I’ll drive home.”



  1. What beautiful pictures! I’m ready to visit BC right now. It must be wonderful to get to be home in Canada for a while, no matter how pretty Spain is. Thanks for the window into your world.

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